How SuperTasks Work?

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    Your Submission – Your SuperTask is submitted and reviewed by our team. The details are documented in your dashboard and we begin.
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    Follow Up Questions – Expect a kickoff email from us within 24 hours that includes any queries we might have regarding your requirements.

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    Preview & Deliver – We start on your SuperTask and post initial results to your dashboard, notifying you via email when it’s ready. If changes are needed, we provide two free revisions. In the rare event that two revisions aren’t enough, you have the option to purchase a Pro Meeting. This meeting allows you to iron out the details with our team directly.

Delivered in 1-2 days for $50

Includes 2 FREE Revisions!

Are you in need of a catchy jingle to promote your brand, product, or message? Look no further! SuperTasker’s “Start AI Song” is your one-stop solution for creating memorable 30-second jingles effortlessly. Whether you have existing lyrics in mind or just a simple idea, we’ve got you covered.

How It Works:

  1. Express Your Vision: Tell us your lyrics or the song idea vision, or simply let us know what you want us to write the song about. You can specify your preferred genre, or if you’re feeling adventurous, we can surprise you with a randomly generated genre. Let us know!

  2. AI Magic: Our cutting-edge AI technology gets to work, crafting around a 30-second jingle that’s perfectly tailored to your requirements. Our AI can turn your simple idea into lyrics, or use your existing lyrics to create a catchy tune.

  3. Fast Turnaround: Need it ASAP? No worries! “Start AI Song” delivers your jingle quickly, so you can use it for your marketing campaigns, YouTube channel, podcasts, or any other project without delay.

With SuperTasker, you can turn your creative ideas into memorable jingles that leave a lasting impression on your audience. Get started today and experience the magic of AI-driven music creation!

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