AI Web Accessible SuperTasks

Ideas for Web Access SuperTasks:

• News Aggregation: Collecting news articles from various sources on a specific topic

• Content Curation: Finding and compiling content on a specific topic from various sources

• Fact-Checking: Verifying the accuracy of information found online

• Job Search: Scraping job postings from various job boards based on specific criteria

• Real Estate Research: Gathering data on property listings, prices, and market trends

• Travel Planning: Collecting information on flights, hotels, attractions, and more for a specific destination

• Product Research: Gathering data on product features, prices, reviews, and more from various e-commerce sites

• Health Information Gathering: Collecting information on specific health conditions, treatments, and research from reputable health websites

• Legal Research: Gathering information on specific legal topics, cases, or legislation

• Educational Research: Collecting educational resources, tutorials, and articles on a specific subject

• Social Media Monitoring: Tracking mentions of a specific brand, product, or topic on social media platforms

• Competitor Analysis: Gathering data on a competitor’s products, services, prices, and more

• Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing online comments or reviews to determine public sentiment towards a brand, product, or topic

• Event Tracking: Collecting information on upcoming events in a specific location or industry

• Recipe Collection: Gathering recipes from various cooking websites based on specific criteria.

• Sports Data Analysis: Collecting data on sports teams, players, matches, and more for analysis

• Financial Analysis: Gathering financial data for analysis, such as company financials, economic indicators, etc

• SEO Research: Collecting data on keywords, backlinks, and other SEO factors

• Public Opinion Research: Gathering online comments or posts on a specific topic to gauge public opinion.

• Influencer Research:
Collecting data on social media influencers in a specific niche

• Trend Forecasting: Gathering data to identify emerging trends in various industries

• Literature Review: Collecting academic articles and papers on a specific topic for a literature review

• Patent Research: Gathering information on patents related to a specific technology or product

• Crisis Monitoring: Tracking news and social media posts about a crisis or emergency situation

• Policy Research: Collecting information on specific policies or regulations

• Brand Monitoring: Tracking online mentions of a brand to manage its reputation

• Demographic Research: Gathering data on specific demographic groups for market research

• Economic Research: Collecting data on economic indicators, trends, and news

• Environmental Research: Gathering data on environmental issues, policies, and research

• Historical Research: Collecting historical data or articles on a specific topic

• Scientific Research: Gathering scientific articles, research papers, and data on a specific topic

• Cultural Research: Collecting information on cultural trends, issues, and events

• Political Research: Gathering data on political events, policies, and public opinion

• Non-profit Research: Collecting data on non-profit organizations, their work, and impact

• Public Health Research: Gathering data on public health issues, policies, and research

• Personal Finance Tips and Resources: Collecting personal finance tips, resources, and advice from various websites

• Investment Advice and Resources: Gathering investment advice, resources, and market news from various websites

• Real Estate Investment Resources: Collecting resources and advice for real estate investment

• Cryptocurrency Investment Resources: Gathering resources and advice for cryptocurrency investment

• Stock Investment Resources: Collecting resources and advice for stock investment

• Retirement Planning Resources: Collecting resources and advice for retirement planning

• Insurance Information: Gathering information about various types of insurance, including health insurance, car insurance, and home insurance

• Legal Advice and Resources: Collecting legal advice, resources, and legal news from various websites

• Educational Resources for Kids: Gathering educational resources, activities, and learning tips for kids

• College and University Information: Collecting information about colleges and universities, including programs, admission requirements, and student reviews

• Scholarship Information: Gathering information about scholarships and financial aid for students

• Study Abroad Information: Collecting information about study abroad programs and resources

• Online Course Information: Gathering information about online courses and e-learning resources

• Book Summaries and Reviews: Collecting book summaries, reviews, and reading recommendations

• Movie Summaries and Reviews: Collecting movie summaries, reviews, and movie recommendations

• TV Show Summaries and Reviews: Collecting TV show summaries, reviews, and TV show recommendations

• Music Album Reviews and Recommendations: Collecting music album reviews and music recommendations

• Podcast Recommendations: Collecting podcast recommendations and reviews

• Blog Post Recommendations: Collecting blog post recommendations and reviews

• News Article Recommendations: Collecting news article recommendations and reviews

• Fashion Trend Analysis: Gathering data on fashion trends, designers, and fashion week updates

• Music Industry Research: Collecting information about music charts, artist news, album releases, and concert dates

• Movie and TV Show Research: Gathering data on movie/TV show releases, ratings, reviews, and cast information

Book Recommendations: Collecting book reviews and recommendations based on specific genres or authors

• Restaurant and Food Reviews: Gathering data on restaurant reviews, food ratings, and menu options in a specific location

• Weather Forecasting: Collecting weather forecasts and climate data for specific locations

• Real-Time Traffic Information: Gathering data on traffic conditions and road closures in real-time

• Local Business Information: Collecting information about local businesses, including their hours, services, and reviews

• Public Transportation Schedules: Gathering data on public transportation schedules and routes

• Housing Market Research: Collecting data on housing market trends, house prices, and property listings

• Automotive Research: Gathering information about car models, prices, reviews, and automotive industry news

• Technology News and Reviews: Collecting news and reviews about the latest technology products and trends

• Cryptocurrency Market Research: Gathering data on cryptocurrency prices, market trends, and news

• Stock Market Analysis: Collecting data on stock prices, market trends, and financial news

• Art Market Research: Gathering information about art market trends, art prices, and artist news

• Pharmaceutical Research: Collecting data on pharmaceutical drugs, clinical trials, and medical research

• Consumer Electronics Research: Gathering information about consumer electronics products, prices, and reviews

• Video Game News and Reviews: Collecting news and reviews about the latest video games and gaming industry trends

• Travel Destination Research: Gathering information about travel destinations, including attractions, travel tips, and traveler reviews

• Hotel and Accommodation Research: Collecting data on hotels and accommodations, including prices, availability, and reviews

• Flight Price Comparison: Gathering data on flight prices from various airlines for price comparison

• Online Shopping Price Comparison: Collecting data on product prices from various online retailers for price comparison

• Nutrition Information Research: Gathering nutrition information and data on various foods and diets

• Fitness and Exercise Research: Collecting information about fitness exercises, workout routines, and health tips

• Language Learning Resources: Gathering language learning resources, tutorials, and exercises from various websites

• Coding and Programming Tutorials: Collecting coding and programming tutorials and resources from various websites

• DIY Project Instructions: Gathering instructions and guides for various DIY projects

• Collecting home improvement ideas, tips, and guides from various websites

• Gardening Tips and Guides: Gathering gardening tips, guides, and plant information from various websites

• Pet Care Information: Collecting information about pet care, pet health, and pet products

• Parenting Tips and Resources: Gathering parenting tips, resources, and advice from various websites

• Wedding Planning Resources: Collecting resources and ideas for wedding planning

• Interior Design Ideas: Gathering interior design ideas, tips, and inspiration from various websites

• Recipe Collection: Collecting recipes from various cooking websites based on specific criteria

• Craft Ideas and Instructions: Gathering craft ideas and instructions from various websites

• Photography Tips and Tutorials: Collecting photography tips, tutorials, and inspiration from various websites

• Beauty and Makeup Tutorials: Gathering beauty and makeup tutorials and product reviews from various websites

• Fashion and Style Tips: Collecting fashion and style tips and inspiration from various websites

• Hair Care Tips and Tutorials: Gathering hair care tips, tutorials, and product reviews from various websites

• Skin Care Tips and Product Reviews: Collecting skin care tips, tutorials, and product reviews from various websites

• Mental Health Resources: Gathering mental health resources, tips, and advice from various websites

• Yoga and Meditation Guides: Collecting yoga and meditation guides and resources from various websites

• Career Advice and Resources: Gathering career advice, job search resources, and professional development tips from various websites

• Hotel and Accommodation Recommendations: Collecting hotel and accommodation recommendations and reviews

• Flight Recommendations: Collecting flight recommendations and reviews

• Online Shopping Recommendations: Collecting online shopping recommendations and reviews

• Nutrition Recommendations: Collecting nutrition recommendations and reviews

• Fitness and Exercise Recommendations: Collecting fitness and exercise recommendations and reviews

• Language Learning Recommendations: Collecting language learning recommendations and reviews

• Coding and Programming Recommendations: Collecting coding and programming recommendations and reviews

• DIY Project Recommendations: Collecting DIY project recommendations and reviews

• Restaurant Recommendations: Collecting restaurant recommendations and reviews

• Travel Destination Recommendations: Collecting travel destination recommendations and reviews

• Product Recommendations: Collecting product recommendations and reviews

• Research Paper Recommendations: Collecting research paper recommendations and reviews

“A Pleasure!”

What a pleasure to work with Allan! It’s always hard to get a feel for people online, and so doing business online can be a gamble. That’s why I was just so pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and creativity–highly recommended!.

Michael Greger

I get compliments so often

So fantastic! My site and logo are on point and really represent what I wanted . I get compliments so often and I have Allan and his team to thank. I recommend Allan and look forward to working on more projects together.



Working with Allan was easy and rewarding. He knows how to solve problems creatively and was extremely attentive to our needs. Allan went out of his way to meet every one of our needs, and after three successful launches, I can recommend him without hesitation.