Frequently Asked Questions

When training a chatbot, there is a maximum limit placed on the amount of data that can be used for optimum results. Each chatbot can be trained using a dataset consisting of no more than 11 million characters or up to 50 megabytes (MB) of data, ensuring that it has extensive knowledge without overloading the system for efficient performance.
During the chatbot creation process, we provide users with a diverse array of data source options to best accommodate their specific needs. Users have the ability to upload individual or multiple files in commonly used formats, including .pdf, .txt, .doc, or .docx. Alternatively, they can input text directly into our platform or provide a website link. This latter option allows our system to comprehensively scrape all the pages within the provided sitemap, ensuring a robust data overview. Additionally, for those with pre-determined questions requiring specific responses, we accommodate the inclusion of such simple Q&A pairs within your data sources. This array of options allows for a truly customized and efficient chatbot creation process.
To maintain the chatbot’s relevance and accuracy as updates or changes occur, users can submit a request within their dashboard to retrain the chatbot based on the new information. This will ensure that the dataset is refreshed within 6 hours, allowing for a seamless integration of new content and maintaining the bots up-to-date with your latest data sources.
In our platform, the default setting ensures that newly created chatbots are private and only accessible within the user’s dashboard. However, users have the flexibility to modify these visibility settings. They can request changes within their dashboard or embed the chatbot on their public website, thereby enabling wider or selective access to their chatbot. This feature promotes the sharing and collaborative use of chatbots among different users. Moreover, our Personal plan offers an added advantage — it allows for up to two dashboard users. This means that both you and another user, such as a partner or colleague, can access the same SuperTasks and chatbot, fostering effective collaboration and co-management.

No, the setup fee for each chatbot, which amounts to $150, is not included in the subscription cost for the Personal, Business, or Unlimited AI Plans. Users should be aware that this fee is charged separately, in addition to their chosen membership fees. Chatbots are not refundable because of the effort it takes to fine tune and test them when they are first built!

Yes, users who choose to pay for their subscription on an annual basis will receive a discounted rate (40% off) for their chosen plan. The Super AI Plan costs $29/month, the Business AI Plan is priced at $69/month, and the Unlimited AI Plan is offered at $199/month when users elect to pay their subscription fees annually. These discounted rates provide an incentive for users to sign up for longer-term commitments.

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